Michael D. Witman was born in Milwaukee, WI, and raised in the neighboring suburb of Brown Deer. Fueled by his father's career as a photographer, Witman's interest in the photographic medium sparked his curiousity about the enchanting world of film. From the early age of eight, he voiced to his mother his interest in being a stunt man. However soon after, as he began to grow, Witman realized the dangers in that choice and, to his mother's rejoices, decided against that particular career path. Still his interest in the film industry continued to persist throughout his young years.

Durring grade school and his years as a Boy Scout, Witman explored the industry through reading, research, and experimentation. With several papers and the loads of research that came with those papers, he found himself fascinated with the process behind the filmmaking. In particular, Witman was captivated as to how movies could bring an audience to believe things that were only possible in the imagination. Using visual effects and camera manipulation to control the audience's perception of the story being told continued to be key in the subjects of his writing and research.
After high school, Witman attended Webster University for an undergraduate film production program. Throughout those years, he directed eight short films, and helped his fellow classmates with countless others. He also found himself deeply involved in several organizations including the Media Association and Gorlok Television, the campus-wide TV station. During this time and for several years after, Witman also worked as a volunteer at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT. He graduated successfully after completing his final and most complicated short film, Red Ink, which was screened at over a dozen venues around the nation including the St. Louis International Film Festival and the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival.
Since college, Witman has moved to the west coast and currently resides in the Los Angeles area working in the film industry. He began working as a set production assistant and got the opportunity to be part of several larger features including Live Free or Die Hard and Eagle Eye. From his work as a PA, Witman quickly began working as an assistant director in the world of independent film. After racking up a resume of over 25 features and shorts, he took an opportunity to work in television as both a set and office production assistant, including on the hit show, Modern Family.

While working in the film industry, he continued to pursue his photography mainly as an art form. Keeping true to his sense of realism in photography, Witman refrains from lots of digital manipulation in his final products. He shoots to capture the best image at the time of image creation, rather than covering rushed work with slick post processing. He also often works in graphic design incorporating his photography, to create posters and other artwork.

Witman continues to work on scripts and the development of his own creative projects and endeavours.


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